Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Vanilla Revolution and Clay Aiken

Here is an excerpt from a great blog.

Clay Aiken Fans: Remember the Vanilla Revolution?

It was about accepting Clay as he is. Remember the mantra, "Let Clay be Clay" ?

Vanilla represented the majority of the population's preference. It is not the choice of people who need to be seen as cool, the ones that jump on every new thing as if it were the best because it is new. New isn't better, new doesn't last and new isn't new for long. Clay is an old soul and his fans like him that way.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Clay Aiken-Favorite Concert Tour Moments

Since Clay Aiken is not touring this year, I thought it would be a good time to revisit some of my favorite moments from past tours, Starting with the AI2 tour from 2003. What are your favorite moments from that first tour?

American Idol 2 Tour

During this tour the fandom was young, and the video was often not clear and taken with cell phones, and often not credited. Still, the excitement of those earlier days is easy to feel while watching these videos.


We were just learning how funny and off the cuff Clay could be during this tour.

Ruben I Got Panties

You were right Clay. We had your back then, as we still do now.

The Girl is Mine

Raleigh This Is The Night

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Clay Aiken -"On My Way Here" Used for Korean Olympic Telecast

I've always thought that Clay Aiken music would do very well in Asia if only he was promoted there. Imagine my delight to hear that his song was being used for the theme song for one of the Korean Olympians. Read all about it here

"On My Way Here" was also used in Korean television commercials advertising Olympic broadcasting.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Clay Aiken Returns to Spamalot

Clay Aiken is set to return to his role as "Sir Robin" in "Monty Python's Spamalot". According to Variety, Clay's last stint in "Spamalot" had a noticeable effect on the box office which took a steep tumble after he left the role. Clay Aiken returns to "Spamalot" September 19, 2008 through January 4, 2009.

Clay has said of his return to "Spamalot":
"Since leaving Spamlot in May, jokes have just not been funny, "Food has lost its taste. The grass is no longer green—the sky no longer blue. And babies WON'T stop crying!! I'm so excited about coming back to the funniest show in the world!"

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Clay Aiken Among Artists Who Support Music Education

MENC is The National Association for Music Education. It is the world's largest arts education organization. MENC works to ensure that every student has access to a well-balanced, comprehensive, and high-quality program of music instruction taught by qualified teachers.

MENC has put out a series of PSA's from various artists voicing their support for music in schools. Those artists include Clay Aiken, Marty Stuart, Trisha Yearwood, Al Jarreau, Kathy Mattea, Gloria Estefan, Vanessa Williams, Patty Loveless, Janis Ian, Faith Hill, Chely Wright, Tim McGraw, Roger McGuinn, and Bonnie Raitt.

Here is an example of those PSA's.

Despite the decline of music in public schools over the years, music remains an important part of our education and growing up to become confident, productive members of society. Other links of interest: Benefits of Music Education, Music Education Online

Friday, August 15, 2008

Clay Aiken-Welcome to our World (CITH)-Albany

Thank you to xxx4Clay for the video and to Reader28 for posting.

Clay Aiken-Welcome to our World (CITH)-Albany

* thanks to xxx4clay for the video and reader28 for posting

Clay Aiken-Welcome to our World (CITH)-Albany

* thanks to xxx4clay for the video and reader28 for posting

Monday, August 11, 2008

Clay Aiken Welcomes a New Baby Boy

On 8-8-08 at 8:08 am Clay Aiken and Jaymes Foster welcomed their first child to our world. Parker Foster Aiken weighed in at 6 lbs 2 oz and 19 inches long. Clay announced the joyous news first to his fans at his Official Fan Club. According to Clay

"The little man is healthy, happy, and as loud as his daddy.

Mama Jaymes is doing quite well also."

Congratulations Clay and Jaymes, and welcome to our world, Parker Foster Aiken.

(thank you to xxx4Clay for the video and Reader28 for posting it)