Monday, January 28, 2008

Clay Aiken in Spamalot

When I first heard that Clay Aiken was going to be in "Spamalot" I was really surprised. While I have always thought Clay could have in spot in musical theater, I tended to expect it would be in a role that would allow him to showcase that big voice of his. Giving it further thought, I realized that it shouldn't be a surprise to me that Clay would go for a show with the silly humor of "Spamalot". Clay has a very comedic side to him, great timing and a very silly, infectious humor of his own. From all reports, "Spamalot" has turned out to be a perfect fit for Clay, a chance for him to challenge himself and prove he has much more going for him than just that golden voice of his, though that on it's own is amazing.
Associate director Peter Lawrence says Aiken has been no idle diva; the singer asked to be treated like any other company member and has been surprisingly fearless.

"Clay really surprised me. When you meet him, he's this sweet kid from North Carolina with an accent. And you think there's no way he can do Cambridge material. And then he does," says Lawrence.

"It's been a total delight and a surprise for me and everyone in the company to work with Clay because he can do things you'd never imagine he could do.",0,7122874.story
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